Treat Them Right, They Keep Us In Business. Levy employees, from top managers on down, are the focal point of our organization.

We hire, promote, and recognize employees based on their potential and actual value contributions.

We strive to provide all our people with the tools, training, experience, resources, and development opportunities they need to grow and improve personally, and to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

We encourage employees to continuously improve, to participate in decision-making, and to help set and meet organization goals, both as individuals and as teams. We strive to make sure that employees are motivated to achieve excellence through trust, respect, recognition, and empowerment.

We use objective feedback to improve personal performance, and to recognize those who achieve excellence.



When All Else Fails, Read The Instructions.

Our policy is to use documented, controlled and integrated quality, safety, and environmental management systems to conduct our businesses.

Plans and procedures are prevention-oriented. They aim at identifying risks and providing error-free, pollution-free, and accident-free processes, products, and services. They enable us to comply with quality, safety and environmental standards, and to prevent, detect and remedy defects, accidents, and pollution.

They are flexible, so as to better serve our customers, handle sudden emergencies, and take advantage of opportunities. They help us adhere to laws and regulations, both in letter and spirit. We use them to operate facilities and equipment which are orderly, secure, safe, healthy, and environmentally sound.

Through regular audits and management reviews we continually identify system improvement opportunities.



Treat Them Well, They Pay the Bills.

We use systems to document and transmit customer requirements, to better understand their needs and anticipate their expectations, and to measure their satisfaction with our performance through regular feedback.

We strive to provide high value-added products and services, which contribute to customer success, and therefore enhance our own growth and profitability. Leaders instill the drive to provide consistently superior service in every employee.

To strengthen customer loyalty, we provide reliable products and services. We make and meet our customer commitments. Our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Customer complaints are dealt with fairly, promptly, and equitably; complaints are used to improve products and services to the customer. knowing that systems are essential but imperfect, we empower our people to meet the needs of the customer, as well as meeting the needs of the system.



Do Unto Others…

Our first business policy might also be called “character”. At Levy, integrity means that we will always treat others the way we would wish to be treated. By “others”, we mean customers, suppliers, and of course, our fellow workers, who are our “internal customers”. We will work hard to gain the same treatment from them, by giving them the best products, services and information we are capable of giving.

Integrity means that we will share our success with others. We encourage and support employees at all levels participating in worthwhile charitable causes.

We will strive to be known as “good neighbors” in the communities where our work takes place.

Above all, integrity means we will firmly adhere to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior in all our business relationships.



Do The Right Things The Right Way, The First Time, Every Time.

Proven processes are used in all our systems to transform materials, information and machinery into products and services. We use processes which are effectively controlled, are safe to operate, and which have minimal impact on the environment.

An understanding of our cost structure and continuous process improvement provide the foundation for good business decisions, including business growth.

Customer- and Levy-owned property is properly safeguarded. Information needed to operate is clear, timely, complete and readily accessible. Suppliers are selected, measured and rewarded based on their value contributions.

We use recycling, conservation, benchmarking, preventive maintenance, calibration, and advanced technology to achieve process excellence. Key processes are measured and monitored, using appropriate statistical methods.

Quality, safety and environmental records and data are properly maintained and analyzed to improve process performance.



Not a title, but attitude and actions.

Not everyone is a manager, but everyone can be a leader. We each have unique skills, knowledge and expertise. We each face situations and challenges that test us.

Our policy is to develop and put in place leaders in every field who focus on the task at hand and set high expectations. When the going gets tough, they get others involved and motivated, individually and in groups. They encourage innovative and creative thinking.

Managers are organizational leaders. They set high expectations, with a special focus on safety, quality, and environment. Their plans, goals, and actions allow for adequate resources and continual improvement of people, processes, products, services and systems.

They regularly review facts, data, and measurements to monitor progress; and hold people accountable for meeting goals. They communicate clearly and consistently, and are great listeners. And their actions consistently support their words.