Levy, a world leader in the aggregate industry, processes over 30 million tons of slag and natural aggregates per year, including limestone, sand, gravel, rhyolite, and granite.

Through safe and environmentally conscious mining, Levy maximizes the value of natural aggregates – integral components in building infrastructure and the production of concrete, asphalt, and other materials for the construction industry.

Slag is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and sustainable aggregate. Slag is lighter than natural aggregates while providing the same chemical constituency and strength.



“In our paving business, we use both fine and coarse crushed stone and slag to build permeable bituminous surfaces on drainable aggregate bases.This layering system works as a natural filter for the water that would, otherwise, remain on the surface. Natural filtration is a significant advantage of permeable, ‘green’ pavement and is the simplest way to control storm water run-off and its pollutants.This important step in the natural process of water purification is bypassed when rainwater falls on impermeable pavement surfaces.

Consider a parking lot, a shopping center, or a big factory and how these commercialized areas ineffectively handle run-off.We see them while driving around, and we don’t think about them, but they have faster, higher pollutant run-off that goes to settling ponds where algae forms and emits methane.Methane is 23 times more dangerous to our environment than even CO2.

Our technology balances a commercial need with an effective environmental solution and reduces infrastructure project costs, eliminating retention ponds and costly curb and gutter storm drainage systems.”