Levy Specialty Products, LLC (LSP) is comprised of Material and Technology Specialists focused on providing Glass, Portland Cement and construction based customers with long term productivity solutions through sustainable sources of pre-qualified materials.

LSP’s comprehensive, technically oriented approach includes:

  • Assessing potential incremental clinker / cement production improvements and reduction in “greenhouse gas”
  • Sourcing the most appropriate slag product or combination of products, providing the greatest financial yield for customers
  • Evaluating all logistical options to assure consistent service at the lowest available cost
  • Providing ongoing technical and sourcing support for customers with the intent of further improving value


Maximize Co-Product Value

Levy’s Steel Mill Services Division has extended its commitment of aligning the physical and chemical properties of slag to the most financially attractive and sustainable market applications to include many of our customers’ co-products.


CemStar Technology

As environmental regulations for storing excess stockpiles of slag co-products and various steel mill materials are becoming increasingly more stringent, often the only alternative for customers is to land fill these products. Levy, through its extensive research experience in Portland Cement and Concrete, determined that these products had potential commercial value for the Portland Cement industry. Consequently, in 2004, Levy acquired the CemStar patented technology to utilize BF & SF Slag in Portland Cement kilns. Since that time, we have expanded these efforts to include Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF) Slag under the CemStar technology, as we believe the commercial utilization of LMF Slag will be one of the more significant areas of financial value for customers.


Calumite LLC

Levy supplies Calumite LLC, an independent company, with slag for their specialized products. This company takes various slags and processes them into a raw material feed stock for the glass manufacturing industry. The company has been operating since 2005 providing materials to both the float glass and bottle manufacturing sectors.


Specialty Products