Levy has specialized in slag handling and processing since the company’s beginning in 1918. Levy processes slags generated from Blast Furnaces, Basic Oxygen Furnaces, and Electric Arc Furnaces as well as slags from ancillary operations such as desulphurization and ladle treatments.

Our service begins at the furnace and is generally done in one of three ways: The first method is “Dig and Haul” where the steel mill discharges the slag into a pit directly beneath the furnace. Levy will then dig up the slag and transport it to another location where it is processed to remove recoverable metallics and sized into various slag products for construction and agricultural applications. Under the second method, pioneered by Levy, the molten slag is poured into a slag pot and transported by Levy to a remote dump station where the slag can safely be cooled and pre-treated before processing. The third method is granulation at the furnace or remotely. Molten slag is subjected to jet streams of water or air under pressure. To obtain a good slag reactivity, the slag melt needs to be rapidly cooled or quenched.

Levy specializes in the manufacture of slag products in to construction, cement, glass and agricultural markets and recycles over 10 million tons of slag a year.


Slag Handling