Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB)

Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB) provide an effective and cost-efficient approach to the remediation and management of contaminated sites whereby physical, chemical or biological processes destroy or remove contaminants. Steel slag is an effective material for use in PRB systems and has demonstrated excellent results in the removal of phosphate, arsenic, and water-born pathogens from groundwater. Steel slag’s relatively high levels of calcium and iron often provide the necessary environment for precipitating the contaminants on site, while allowing the treated water to leave the site within the proper pH limits.


Mechanical Stabilized Earth Wall (MSE Wall)

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls are the premier embankment design for bridges and overpasses, largely due to the stable base design for construction and the drainage capabilities that eliminate moisture and the risk for corrosion.


Soil Stabilization

Furnace Slags have been used for soil stabilization, on paving projects, in a number of countries over the years. The primary applications are the stabilization of existing secondary roads and stabilizing the sub base under new construction.


Minimizing Waste Streams

The Mini Mill Division has extended its commitment of aligning the physical and chemical properties of slag to the most financially attractive and sustainable market applications to include many of our customers’ waste streams.


CemStar Technology

As environmental regulations for storing excess stockpiles of slag co-products and various steel mill waste streams are becoming increasingly more stringent, often the only alternative for customers is to land fill these products. Levy, through its extensive research experience in Portland Cement and Concrete, determined that these products had potential commercial value for the Portland Cement industry. Consequently, in 2004, Levy acquired the CemStar patented technology to utilize BF & SF Slag in Portland Cement kilns. Since that time, we have expanded these efforts to include Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF) Slag under the CemStar technology, as we believe the commercial utilization of LMF Slag will be one of the more significant areas of financial value for customers.