The Levy Group of Companies is deeply committed to protecting our natural environment, and we constantly search for opportunities to reduce waste, minimize CO2 emissions, and to conserve and reuse energy wherever and whenever possible.

Our dedication to building sustainability into our products form the infrastructure to a greener world – from foundations for windmills and solar farms to recyclable glass, permeable asphalt pavement mixes, and many other environmentally conscious products and services.

With the Levy Group of Companies, providing effective and continuous solutions to enhance the world around us takes more than dedication. It takes responsibility and, more so, accountability to do our part.

It is this deeply imbedded belief – a culture of continuous improvement – that gives Levy the reputation of being an environmental leader.

Land Development

In the world of natural aggregates, the Edw. C. Levy Co. has a long history of acquiring large land holdings and responsibly mining them for decades. While we purchase real estate to extract the natural resources required to build the infrastructure that strengthens and enhances our communities, Levy also strategically and innovatively “mines” its own business by creating a master plan for the “second harvest” very early on in the process.

Whether it’s the preservation of a forest, the excavation of a lake with miles of sculpted shoreline, or the creation of a greenbelt landscape for future community development, Levy’s vision, hard work, and dedication to preserve and protect the environment ensure that, when the mining activity is finished, the master plan brings the vision to fruition.



At Levy, we are constantly challenged to meet the needs of our current customers while, at the same time, we are moving forward in the development of services and products that anticipate and meet future requirements. Ed Levy Jr., S. Evan Weiner, and others within the leadership team realize that there will be a renewed focus on infrastructure and in the development of new products that will improve performance and benefit our environment.

Raising awareness of the impact and the advantages that Levy products can bring to the infrastructure of cities, towns, and municipalities literally “drives” this concept home for every member of the organization, inspiring them to go one step further in the creation of products and services for our customers.


Environmental Policy

The Edw. C. Levy Co. has a long history of incorporating environmental stewardship into its culture. It is our policy to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner, which respects the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate. We will not compromise environmental, health, or safety values for profit or production. All associates are expected to understand, promote and assist in the implementation of this policy.

The Edw. C. Levy Co. is committed to the following three principles:

COMPLIANCE: We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and permits, and will develop and employ more restrictive internal standards where necessary to conform to our environmental, health and safety policies.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We are committed to continuous improvement of the environment and the health of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate. All operations, including our environmental management system, are frequently reviewed for opportunities to improve the way we do business.

PREVENTION OF POLLUTION: We strive to use processes, practices, and materials that avoid, reduce, or control pollution to the greatest extent technologically and economically feasible.


Sustainable Solutions

The Levy Group of Companies is constantly seeking ways to implement research and technology to develop products that protect and preserve the environment – land, air, and water.


Minimizing CO2 Emissions

Levy’s CemStar technology is a revolutionary process that enables cement customers to generate cement clinker by introducing blast furnace or steel furnace slag directly into the feed end of the kiln. Since the slag products have already undergone the calcinations during the steelmaking process, this use of these products maximizes productivity while minimizing CO2 emissions.


Elimination of Visible Emissions

The Levy team designed an innovative building and baghouse system that eliminated visible emissions at a Thailand-based steel company.


Elimination of Settling Ponds and Methane Emissions

Levy uses a combination of natural aggregate, crushed stone, and asphalt to create “permeable asphalt,” which controls storm-water run-off and eliminates harmful methane pollutants.


Recycled and Reused Asphalt

Levy was one of the first U.S. companies to utilize recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) as an asphalt mix component. Deteriorating asphalt is removed, reprocessed, and reused, saving valuable resources and energy.