Green Circle Cement

Green Circle Cement reduces CO2 emissions; creating jobs in Michigan 


Environmental stewardship, community relationships, good governance, and the “Golden Rule” are key to how we do business at the Levy Group of Companies – and Green Circle Cement is a perfect example of that ethos. 

How it Works

Green Circle Cement (GCC) is manufactured from processing Levy Lite through a state of the art grinding mill, creating a fine powder. This powder, known as Green Circle Cement, is a direct replacement for Portland Cement. Three main ingredients are combined to create concrete – aggregates, water, and cement. Concrete produced with GCC is produced with 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional concrete. GCC also enables the production of concrete that is both stronger and longer-lasting than traditional cement. GCC is used to build strong roads, bridges, buildings and water distribution systems, providing clean, green, sustainable infrastructure.

Environmental Stewardship

GCC is produced within an entirely enclosed process. The finished product coming out of GCC strengthens our infrastructure in an environmentally conscious way. In fact, the proposed Green Circle Cement facility offsets enough greenhouse gasses to fill Ford Field every three weeks for the life of the project. That’s a reduction of 240,000 tonnes of C02 per year!

Made safely and responsibly in Michigan

State-of-the-art facilities and world-class technology are the Levy Standard. Green Circle Cement will be made safely right here in Michigan.


  • The GCC site is within an industrial area, surrounded by the Detroit waste-water treatment plant, Zug island, biosolids recovery, and a concrete production facility. GCC will be the cleanest and greenest process in the neighborhood
  • There is no residence within approximately a quarter mile of the proposed GCC facility
  • GCC will be an entirely enclosed process, including a state-of-the-art emissions control system (11 bag houses) to protect the environment, neighborhood, and employees. GCC will have ZERO bulk stockpiles onsite. GCC’s facility will be fully paved and landscaped and GCC will maintain ongoing street sweeping.

We protect the environment by using the latest technology at our facilities to decrease emissions, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and identify recycling and reuse opportunities. The Green Circle Cement facility features an entirely enclosed grinding process, limiting dust and particulate matter.

Taken together, this new facility will create full-time job opportunities right here in Detroit while supporting thousands of Michigan jobs in related industries.

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