Our keen focus on superior service and high quality ensures you receive the best asphalt product for your specific application and an experience that leaves you satisfied beyond the sale. Our locations and plants are conveniently located and designed to offer not only timely delivery but also the most innovative and environmentally friendly products available.


Our aggregate mining operations include quarries and sand & gravel pits. We mine, process, distribute and sell aggregates of all sizes for a variety of end-uses. Our aggregates are used as base materials in road building and railways, structural fill, raw materials in asphalt mixes, raw materials in concrete mixes and more.

Steel Mill Services (SMS)

As Steel Mill Service providers, we work as contractors for both Mini-Mills and Integrated Mills around the world. By listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we’re able to deliver a wide range of specialized mill services including:

  • Scrap processing and upgrading
  • Flame technology solutions
  • Mobile equipment operation and maintenance, and
  • Slag processing and marketing

Levy specializes in the manufacture of over 10 million tons of sustainable slag aggregate products each year for construction, cement, glass and agricultural markets.

Safe operations are the cornerstone of Levy’s core values, and we are proud to describe our company as the safest Mill Services Provider in the United States.


Protocon is a jointly held company that produces high-quality ready-mix concrete using both natural and slag aggregates to enhance the properties and performance of the final product. We offer a diverse range of specialty ready-mix concrete designs for any application – road work, residential or commercial.


Levy’s jointly held company Ecocem has successfully produced & sold zero-carbon emission cement alternatives for over 30 years. In addition to being environmentally friendly, our cement alternatives provide numerous benefits as a direct replacement to traditional Portland cement, including denser concrete, improved workability and numerous quality enhancements. Levy utilizes lean manufacturing principles and leverages its expertise in quality control to ensure a high performing and consistent product for our customer base. Today, Levy’s slag cement alternatives are the preferred products in their markets in North America and Australia.

Agricultural Products

Levy manufactures Plant Tuff® – a unique three in one silicon fertilizer, providing silicon, micronutrients, and pH adjustment.

Specialty Products

Levy develops and markets specialty products from the steel industry (ladle slags, refractory bricks, castable materials and PureStone) and supplies Duraberm, VitraSpar, CemStar, LevyLite and other environmentally beneficial materials to our construction-based, glass and cement customers.